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Photo Credit -- Yoga with Patsy

Once Again, Spring Greetings to All Writers,

Please mark your calendars:

SUMMER YOGA WORKSHOP FOR WRITERS Thurs, Aug 1st, 2019 1:30pm-4pm 8 Petals Yoga Studio on 1317 Commercial St #203, Bellingham, WA 98225 The workshop will be 2.5 hrs for $35. Please arrive on time! Registration is now open! 15 spots available! Please write a check to Michal Retter, 2 ways to pay: 1) Mail me a check 2) Or, Give your check to Susan Greisen

I am super excited to put together a focused sequence of gentle positions, stretches, breathing techniques, guided imagery and relaxation, to support your mind to access the source of your creativity, to broaden your artistic expression and to promote a free-flowing neuro-energy from brain to hand. No yoga experience is required. Please share with your writer friends and forward this offering!

What you are invited to learn:

Your own writing mantra (affirmative and intentional aspiration) The physical experience of how yoga benefits a writer. A yoga sequence that prepares your body, mind, and spirit to write. Yoga-tools to access inspiration. Yoga-ways to improve your focus, concentration, and discipline. Methods of regulating the fears and anxieties that prevent you from finding your true writer's voice. Encouragement on how to live a relaxed, satisfying-writing life.

And let me share this from YOGA INTERNATIONAL:

Yoga for Writers by Amber Burke

“Writers are being given good reason to appreciate yoga. Research shows that it not only has the power to keep our bodies strong and supple, but also has positive effects on the brain. Yoga has been shown to have long-term neuroprotective benefits, as well as to increase gray matter in parts of the brain associated with attention, visualization, and stress regulation. Writers beset by criticism, from within or without, or beleaguered by the ups and downs of the writing process, might also be heartened to hear that yoga can help boost moods even more than walking.

Less quantifiably, by unveiling new possibilities for movement and posture, and bringing our attention to the links between different parts of the body (“What the bases of my index fingers are doing affects my shoulders!”), yoga may allow us to find connections we didn’t see before and arrive at novel solutions to a writer’s dilemmas. And because yoga encourages us to observe our poses, habits, and thoughts with both detachment and kindness, we may leave practice primed to be more objective and compassionate editors of our own work.”

Looking forward to our time together, Infinite Blessings and Namaste, Michal Retter, E-RYT

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